Epic Victory

A new experience from Aerobask!

We equipped our experimental aircraft with three independent displays Dynon Skyview. All systems are in high resolution and have a deep custom logic. Modeling quality of these Dynon EFIS is unprecedented for X-Plane.

  • High quality 3D model with High-Res texture 4K, Ambient Occlusion, Specular and Normal mapping.
  • Dedicated PBR textures for X-Plane 11.
  • Flight model defined according to the specifications of public data. Fun to fly.
  • Fully functional Virtual 3D cockpit.
  • 3 EFIS Dynon Skyview with deep custom logic, custom MAP & FMS, SID/STAR (waypoint based only), Airways support, custom TCAS and pop-up display.
  • Engine Instrument System MVP50, 2 Garmin GNC255, 1 STEC5000 Autopilot. Weather ADDS.
  • Pop-Up menu : options, fuel & weight, GPU
  • Fully animated canopy, flight controls, gear, all levers and switches.
  • Panoramic windshield with reflections, rain and icing effects.
  • Many custom sounds : engine, gear, flaps, door, vocal alert, callout.
  • Enhanced 3D sound engine through a SASL functions.
  • Liveries : more 6 different paint schemes.
  • Ground Power Unit.

Review version 2.0 by Stephen Dutton -->  

Videos and Screenshots

Video by Thomas Rasmussen

Flight Tutorial by MaxWaldorf (version 1.0)

Skyview display operation (version 1.0)

V 2.0.x Touch Control Operation - SID/STAR/Airways- More




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